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Team KABE are strong and passionate leaders who are driving KABE forward. KABE's leaders include Sharla Stewart (Chair), Tova Charles (Co-Chair), John Edwards (Founder and External Advisor). Each member brings a variety of innovating skills that play an important role in identifying the key components of KABE goals that support both the mission and vision in Austin. This team of leaders is inspiring because they each believe in culturally responsive student-centered curriculum, fostering team collaboration across KIPP Texas- Austin and are committed to the KIPP TX mission. This team also knows the ingredients of creating a diverse community.

KABE Leaders

Sharla Stewart


3rd grade Math Teacher at KACD

Sharla Stewart was born and raised in Beaumont, Tx. Sharla worked with kids throughout her college career at UT Austin. Sharla has served as a substitute for KIPP Austin, a teacher's aide and has previously taught kinder for two years.  Sharla is now a second grade teacher at Comunidad. Ms. Stewart truly loves teaching and making a difference in the lives of all students.


Tova Charles


Foundational Literacy Achievement Specialist  for KTXA

Tova Charles was born in Louisiana but raised in Austin. She received her degree in English literature from the University of Houston. Tova has been teaching for 5 years now. She has taught second and third grade at Comunidad. This year (20-21) will be her second year serving as a sixth grade writing teacher at Arts and Letters. Tova has a beautiful daughter who is her everything.


John M. Edwards is a native of Memphis, TN who enjoys working with kids. Mr. Edwards has had the privilege to work in the state of Tennessee, California, Arkansas, and now Texas serving a variety of educational roles. He is currently a candidate for the Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership degree, who has followed his passion to work with unprivileged and challenging kids. Mr. Edwards has spent years working in different environments cultivating youth with development tools that will guide them to a successful place in life. With social justice, restorative practice, behavioral, and teaching as well as an administrative background, Mr. Edwards puts kids first by his professional and genuine interest in students' cognitive and social growth, in which he inspires to continue this work by working with KIPP Texas and the KABE team!

Founder/External Advisor

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