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Our Background

We are KABE!

KIPP Austin Black Educators (KABE): an opportunity where people who are of the African Diaspora can collaborate, network and share knowledge ensuring that we are exceptional in how we educate our future and develop our black educators. This group of black educators strives to collaboratively leverage equity and diversity methods of empowerment so that we may endeavor to approach our jobs with passion and commitment.



Our mission is to assist KIPP Texas in cultivating the educational experiences and accomplishments of our students that are living in underserved communities. We will do this by creating opportunities for our African Diaspora educators to have a voice, share practices, develop as leaders, and use effective methods to retain our black educators in which we will increase levels of impact and student achievement.



Currently, the African Diaspora community is small within the KIPP Texas- Austin network. KIPP Austin Black Educators (KABE) was developed to retain KIPP Texas- Austin black educators and provide a space for connectedness, shared practices, and development. KABE can also serve specific needs that pertain to our students of color and their families.


Our Commitment:

We KIPP Austin Black Educators (KABE) commit to assist KIPP Texas in supporting our scholars to and through college. Under the mission and vision of KIPP Texas-Austin, we as a group of exceptional black educators will commit to thriving and going above and beyond so that we can foster the knowledge and skills that will best support our young scholars on the path to college. Without a doubt, we will share our knowledge, resources, skills, and collectively work to problem solve on how we continue to develop as black educators.

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