Without community, there is no liberation...
-Audre Lorde


John M. Edwards started KABE because he wanted to emphasize the importance of diversity and equity as well as influence racial pride, self-sufficiency, a space for connectedness, shared practices, growth, and development for educators of Black and African descent.  Mr. Edwards is confident that KABE will play a vital role in KIPP Texas- Austin larger mission. KABE will not only support the mission and vision but will assist KIPP Texas-Austin in many of the district priorities around diversity and equity.

Committed to Excellence

Updates and Other Important Info.​​

  • KABE is expanding the work in KTX- DFW, now becoming KABE United. The point person for KTX- DFW: Steven Monson (Steven.Monson@kipptexas.org). More information coming soon. 

  • As we continue to expand our work, we are excited to introduce our new partnership with Black Teachers Educate out of Atlanta, GA. We both believe in the connectedness and development of black educators. More importantly, we want to provide a platform for our exceptional black educators to highlight their expertise and work as we’re rising together and championing equity. Together we will disrupt systems of oppression or inequities and drive student success forward.

  • We need volunteers to support KABE’s upcoming events. We also would love for you to share ideas or suggestions for future events or things you would like to see. Email us: kabe@kipptexas.org. 


What: Mindfulness Yoga

When: Every Monday at 8pm

Website: http://sanctuaryyogaaustin.com/schedule/